Let the children come, part 2

Dear God,

            Tonight Mommy’s friend came over. I like it when we have company. I told her all about the bugs I have in my bug catcher and even took one out so she could see it up real close. It was funny seeing her look cross-eyed, so I did it again. When she backed into the couch, I laughed.

            Mommy told me to stop so I did. I wondered if Mommy’s eyes would look cross-eyed like Mrs. Lila’s so I put the bug in her face, too. She told me to say I’m sorry.

            I told Mrs. Lila I was sorry and then hugged her real hard on her neck, but I think I hurt her. I felt bad, so I hugged her again but this time I squeezed on her waist and tried to hang down like a monkey. It was fun, but I guess I did wrong – Mommy sent me to my room. She said she’d talk to me about it.

            Even when I try to do the right thing, I end up doing something wrong. God, do You think everything I do is wrong?



Dear __________________________________,(fill in name)

          Even when others don’t understand what you are thinking, I do. In fact, I know what you will think about – even before the thought comes into your head! People see what you do and hear what you say, but I can look right into your heart and know why you do what you do! Does it help to know I understand? Because I do and I always want you to remember that I love you just the way you are and will help you so that others can see the real you, too!







“… And I am sure that God, who began the good work within you, will continue it until it is finally finished ….”   Philippians 1:6 (NLT)


Point to understand – This may sound age-appropriate for a preschooler (this is actually about a pre-teen), but developmental delays often accompany autism, and this behavior has no age limits…..They need compassion, not judgment

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