Let the children come………..

For anyone with a child challenged with autism, ADHD or developmental delays, take heart. God listens. God hears. God knows. And I join you in praying He reveals Himself in unique and special ways to your son or daughter.


Dear God,

I was so happy when I hopped onto the bus. I was pretending to be a frog. I like frogs. It took a long time to hop from one step onto the other. I don’t think the bus driver likes having frogs on his bus, though.

Then, Mr. Trumbull, the principal, walked down the hall while we were getting drinks at the water fountain. He had green shirt and pants on so I happily shouted down the hall, “Mr. Trumbull, you look like a frog today!” Mrs. Dunmoor shushed me and the other kids giggled like they always do. I don’t know why, because I didn’t say anything funny or mean – did I?

God, do the things I say bother You?


Dear ____________________________________(fill in the name)_,

I know it can be hard to “guard your tongue” – do you know what that means? It means not everything that comes into your mind needs to go out the door of your mouth. Some things need to stay inside – and you can just whisper them to Me, like a secret, just between us. I love when you talk to Me and am always ready to hear what you have to say.



Proverbs 21:23 He who guards his tongue and his mouth keeps himself from calamity.


Point to understand – Though we all have at times said things we wish we hadn’t, impulsiveness and not catching social ‘rules’ is not uncommon with those who have autism – and they often are perplexed as to the reactions they receive.

What do you think?