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Jun 16


Nov 05

The rugged path toward love – and peace

“Love in the same manner as Christ loved us.” This is repeated multiple times and ways throughout the message of Jesus and the letters in the New Testament. But, how Lord, how do we love those who are unloveable, who intentionally seem to brush against the raw areas of woundedness in our lives, even the ones […]

Nov 12

A Child’s view

Mimi’s musings My 22-month-old grandson is my teacher, and spending time with him teaches me so much about the importance of being childlike (not childish). Things long forgotten, or at least that need to be brought into close remembrance. I wonder who teaches who, as he teaches me things about God, and things about life. […]

Oct 13

To be un offended

Yes, Jordon, I am so sorry and sad to hear that someone was rude to you at work. Walking past you, ignoring your cheery hello while you gather shopping carts, making you feel insignificant. And small. Unimportant. Slighted. Offended. Even angry. I know you don’t see this, but when others hurt you, it hurts my heart, […]

Jul 07

Pearl gathering

Praise the Lord, O my soul. And all that is within me, praise His holy name. 2 Praise the Lord, O my soul. And forget none of His acts of kindness. 3 He forgives all my sins. He heals all my diseases. 4 He saves my life from the grave. He crowns me with loving-kindness […]

Apr 27

A prayer for our nation

Lord, as we draw close to the National Day of Prayer next week, we pray as a lifestyle throughout our days that in Your mercy and according to Your great purpose, You would – Baptize Your Church, ministries and mission agencies with Your grace and boldness to be people of honor, to stand for truth, […]

Mar 26

Filtered Conclusions

“It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.” The Little Prince, Antoine de Saint-Exupery Not too far along in our marriage, I came to the realization that my husband was, what I felt, controlling. I had lived on my own for a bit and […]

Nov 11

Not all

I have often remarked how autism is a great magnifier. Everything feels major. It is hard for a person with autism to see the ‘Venn’ in the Venn diagram (remember those? Two or more circles representing different things, yet overlapping at various points). In the minds of those with autism, things are pretty much black […]

Nov 08

A Mother’s Prayer

Hey guys, this is Mom. Have a seat here next to me while we have a chat… As I listen to the news or even public conversations, I am stunned at the realization of how quickly wisdom and common sense is being eroded. In fact, what I knew of common sense, common courtesy, commonality, and […]

Oct 09

Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me

In my previous blog, I put forth an appeal for American presidential candidates, media, celebrities, and all citizens to lay down the weapons of stinging, biting judgmental words and consider a cease fire. It feels like the whole world has gone crazy in a frenzy for getting in the last vitriolic word, discovering and highlighting […]

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