Mom’s hands

During her last days, Mom’s hands  – hands which were always busy and diligent to do whatever was needed, obedient to whatever the call of Christ was upon her, now became fidgety. Was this her eternal spirit longing to be free from this body which housed it so faithfully these 94 years? As I sat with her I would hold them and massage them. I will let you listen in on one of our final times together.

“Mom, these hands have been gentle all my life – these hands have gently rocked us as kids and cleaned out our booboos. And then have done the same for our children.

These hands have beautifully played the violin, pouring forth the song of praise within your heart as you shared your gift with others.

These hands have been resourceful – sewing and crafting things out of scraps and using the creativity God gave you for the benefit of others.

These hands have opened hundreds of books, feeding your intelligence and thirst to understand life and the world around you – and then excitedly sharing the books and the knowledge gleaned with others.

These hands have written likely thousands of cards, letters and checks as you generously and intuitively lifted others up and supported them in caring ways. They have written countless notes – I find them inside your Bible and all throughout your apartment of the treasures you find and the joy in wanting to teach others the truths you’ve discovered.

These hands have labored in preparing many meals, not only for your family, but in hospitality for any visiting missionary welcome to our home growing up, and countless meals provided for others in need.

These hands busy all throughout your life, were also folded quietly in prayer as you lifted up so many to Our Father in heaven. Your prayers have sustained me and countless others in known and unknown ways.

And now these hands are anxious to reach out and grasp the hand of Jesus who is reaching for you. 

Go ahead, Mom, take His hand.

And as you arrive in heaven, these hands will embrace all your loved ones who have gone before; they will spontaneously lift up in praise to God.  Remember to save us a place at the banquet table for I look forward to joining you there.”

What do you think?