A tribute to my parents (and a sneak preview)

“What did she send this time?” asked my husband while I opened an envelope from my mom. Could it be coupons for children’s needs, meaningful articles clipped

from newspapers and magazines, a check because they received “extra” money from a rebate? She and my Dad had not just been givers, but avid givers.

Avid means passionate, eager, enthusiastic. Their ears had been tuned in to needs picked up in casual conversations, both through what is stated, and what is not stated.

Although my parents weren’t famous missionaries, they supported and housed and fed innumerable missionaries throughout their marriage.

They won’t be acclaimed for donating large sums of monies to charities, but they faithfully gave as the Lord led them, looking for ways to use the gifts that He gave them to benefit others.

I mentioned a family health issue and Mom went to the library, researched, and copied pages that would be of significant interest to us. Even before they moved closer, they were very much “with” us—tuned in, ears open, hearts willing to give time and money, hands willing to share in practical ways.  I hope this legacy passed to me continues to pass down to my children – and beyond!


This is an excerpt from a book I co-authored with Keith Yoder. Our new book, Giving to Worship, will come out in July. It’s a devotional about offering our gifts as an act of worship, to encounter the delight of God as The Giver through sacred expressions of giving.I invite you to share with us at our book signing on July 9th.


4 thoughts on “A tribute to my parents (and a sneak preview)

  1. Cindy,
    I have an aunt who is like that …. her ear is always to the ground and looking for ways to encourage through articles, letters, and as she able, money… God sees your parents and my aunt as great givers and will reward them accordingly.

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