Dwelling with the Knowns

When faced with the unknown (Don’s progressive, chronic, mysterious illness, Mom/Dad’s season of life, Jordon’s future care, etc) it can literally take my breath away if I dwell there. And not in a good way. Yet, when has life ever been “known”? Maybe I had an illusion of planning the future, but it was not truly known. At least to me. It was and is known always to God. So I want my dwelling to be there – with Him Who knows, to dwell on the knowns. One of the first prayers I learned as a child re-turns to me.

Our Father – Thank You that I’m not alone; I’m not only Your child, but I’m included in a big family! You have covenanted to be my LifeGiver, Life Sustainer, identity Maker, Provider, Protector. How Faithful and True You are!

Who art in heaven – Thank You that You are not subject to earthly powers or limitations. You see it all and are totally in authority over it all! Whatever looms big to me, You are bigger yet! Help me to climb on Your shoulders and see from Your “above all” perspective. How awesome You are!

Hallowed be Your Name – Your Holy Name YHWH is as close as the Life-Giving breath I breathe. Your name above all others is the very name causing demons to tremble in fear and humans to bow in awe. And brings such comfort, strength and faith into my weariness and wariness. How holy You are!

Your kingdom come – I’m so glad it’s not mine, nor any others’, limited by sin or self, weakness or sickness. I welcome Your kingdom to expand in my heart, so it may influence and expand toward others. If my goal is to know You and make You known, no sickness or disease, no obstacles of any kind can thwart it. All things are brought under subjection to Your kingdom authority. How majestic You are!

Your Will be done on earth as it is in heaven – Use my earthly vessel to know Your heavenly desires and follow with a heart set to love and worship in obedience – no matter what I think my “will”, plans and desires are. I place them under Your bigger “mission.” How powerful You are!

Give us this day our daily bread – You gave me daily needs so that I would regularly seek and see You fulfill them. You are the Bread of Life. How wise You are!

And forgive our debts as we forgive our debtors – As I face that/those which come against me, words spoken out of a lack of understanding or that take life rather than offer it, it is a reminder of Your great sacrifice and heart of forgiveness. How loving You are!

And do not lead us into temptation but deliver us from the evil one – You cannot fall or lead us into temptation. You are the One we can trust to be only and always above anything less than righteous and trustworthy. There is nothing to shadow Your Name or character. You are the only One Who can truly save and deliver me from temptations, from anything the evil one can devise – even from myself! You are my deliverer! How redeeming You are, taking even my failures and shortcomings and when I give them to You, You re-format into something beautiful and wholesome!

For Yours is the Kingdom and the power and the  glory forever – I want my heart to be perfectly aligned with Your Kingdom mission and reign and be a vessel that brings You glory. Use these circumstances as an opportunity to showcase Yourself and show how glorious You are!
Amenso be it.

Your daughter,

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