Young woman, desperately desiring to fit in –
Don’t give in to com-promise; Your heart is promised to Me and it’s a perfect fit for Mine
You are My precious daughter – daughter of the King!
Arise and take your place – adorn yourself with My lavish robes of dignity and grace

Young man, distracted by cars as well as other “drives” –
Don’t give in to temptation
Arise, you are empowered through My royal blood flowing in your veins

Single woman, whether holding onto seemingly fleeting dreams of future marriage,
Or widowed and holding onto sweet reflections of past memories
Or divorced and presently feeling the bitter sting of rejection or abandonment
Invaded by the sour feelings of being left behind, passed over, or even tossed aside
Rise up, for you are truly “singled” out to be the companion of He who is
Faithful and True – Rise up and take My hand as My beloved Bride
Those searching for Me will find you there; those searching for you will find Me there…

Those who are brokenhearted by the hardships of life, hopes dashed,
fearful of awaking and opening your eyes to see more dreams crumbling and turning to nightmares
Rise up and offer the pieces of your heart to Me; I will gently handle them for I not only bring healing but wholeness, exchanging joy for mourning, peace for strife

Mothers, burdened by the endless cares and demands of children’s needs, no matter what age
Throw off any extra weights– Come bring your charges with you to Me and rest
Arise, you are My instrument of grace, the aroma of Christ flows from you.
Arise and be blessed as you bless others. You are blessing Me as you do.

Fathers, pulled by duties and responsibilities, caught up in details of making a living
Arise, join together against the tide of apathy, corruption, indulgence
Arise to your calling, anointing, and destiny
Arise to making a life and building a lasting legacy

Those who feel the clanging chains of past sinful memories, the searing claws digging into the present,
The current regrets weighing down upon your shoulders and your mind, and your heart
Lift up your gaze to Me; I alone am the Lifter of your head, Your Redeemer
It was for your freedom that I paid the penalty. Yes, it is finished!
Rise up and claim My victory for you – walk in My freedom!

Arise, beloved Bride of Christ …The time has come – I draw near
Can you not hear Me?
I come seeking the faithful,
as the Victorious Captain of Hosts in battle array with victory in My hand,…
I approach as the Bridegroom anxious to sweep My Bride away…
I return as Jehovah Father, to gather My children…
To be with Me – so that where I AM there you will BE also
So then, arise…take your place with Me, until we are finally Home.
CGR 9/09

Live like you’re loved – for you surely are!


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