A letter to one who stands

Dear daughter,

There’s so much you don’t understand about Me, about life, about the complexity of your life and those you interact with. In fact, there’s much more that you don’t know or can’t understand than you do. The question “why?” echoes in the hidden chasms of your heart. Hidden to others, or even yourself, but not to Me. I hear it before it is even on your lips. Yet, I don’t ask you to “understand”. I ask you to trust Me – that I, as a good and loving God do know and that I have a plan for good. I simply ask you to be faithful to what I have shown you, trusting that I know, I understand and I work things according to a good purpose. Do not doubt, do not fear – I will redeem what is meant for evil – and will use your faith to accomplish My good will. Faith is a gift given by Me to those with open arms and a seeking heart. Faith is the substance (not a nice idea, but something substantive, something measureable) of things hoped for the evidence of things not (yet) seen. Seen clearly by Me, but not yet by you.

So as I look at your life and walk with you through the difficulties, the questions, the delayed “answers” and dashed expectations of what it “should” look like, I am honored by your determination to stand. To stand amidst many “unseens”; to be faithful to a good God even when things don’t look good, feel good, taste good. To believe I am loving even when you are not experiencing “love” on an earthly level – but often very much the opposite. To take a stand for My honor even when things around you are dishonorable. To “consider it joy” when your emotions feel far from joyful. These are the things that complete My joy. These are the things that make your worship “real” and genuine. I AM pleased when you raise your eyes above the circumstances and having done all, you stand. Standing wobbly, maybe – but standing on My truth, My character, My promises. ME. I AM your Rock – and you wouldn’t know that like you do if your world were not shifting sand. My daughter, I AM pleased. My purpose to deepen your faith is being accomplished in the present. And someday in the future it will be worth it all.

But for today, know the delight of your Father. Know that I am watching. Know that I use every prayer, every tear, every circumstance. I notice it all and leave nothing unattended. And not only am I watching, but many others are as well. Your life is an example of faithfulness. It is a reflection of My faithfulness and My power at work within you. Be strong and take courage. There is a greater purpose in it all than you can possibly imagine. I am standing with you and in you.

From My heart overflowing with love,


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