So long, summer

Precious moments shared over the last two months – together
Our fingers seemingly inseparably laced as we shared scenic heights in awe of majestic cloud formations, sunrises and sunsets
Eyes full of wonder drawn upward as we gazed at the beauty of the expansive clear night skies
We have tasted of the harvest from jointly sowing and nurturing seeds, smelled the fragrance yielded by the sun-kissed flowers
And now, sweet Summer, my dear friend, you cast shadows, foreshadowing the moments that draw ever nearer for you to leave, shadows admittedly I do not look forward to as I breathe in the last of the newly-mown grass
I draw a sweater around my shoulders and gaze wistfully at your seemingly swift departure, thankful for the gifts you have given me, yet longing for more time to linger with you over the glow of campfires and catching lightning bugs, picking berries and licking ice cream conesReluctant to release my hold as our hands are slowly separating, saying goodbye …..for now…Feeling somewhat disloyal yet capturing this moment in time as you gently loosen my grasp and graciously pass my hand over to another, the one who follows our steps at a distance but also draws nearer each passing day

You tenderly beckon me to embrace the next season with all its joys and expectations and delights of unique sights and sounds and smells and tastes

Encouraging me to be present and mindful as new memories are to be made

Sunflower in a storm

Cherishing the former moments, yet anticipating this next season with renewed resolve

Now instead of looking up at the leaves that have newly bloomed, waving in the wind

I will dance with them as they too, loosen their grasp and float onward on their journey.




Cindy Riker

August 23, 2015

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