Denying the power

I’ve recently been caught by the phrase “having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof”. I’ve always thought of denying as being the verbal (like Peter denying he knew the Lord). But another way to deny is to “disallow or prevent” (like denying entrance to a burglar or when you can’t remember your password and you see “access denied”).  It makes me wonder how many times I prevent or disallow His power because I am unwilling to press in… fearful… unaware…. or even unbelieving and just do what I’m used to. Kinda hits home. What “form” am I holding – what image of God do I represent? I don’t want to hold back His power in or through me. So my prayer is for an ever-increasing awareness of being in His presence and being led (as opposed to driven), being available and accessible for Him to move in His power (as opposed to my own) and resting in His outcome.  His form, His power – in my vessel.  May I be content with nothing less.

What do you think?