“Consider the lilies of the field…

But not now, Lord. I have too much to do. My list goes on and on, subject to the needs, expectations and demands of others…

“Cindy, consider…. (Katamanthano“to observe well, notice carefully, learn thoroughly) – How they toil not...

  …Bills to pay, calls to make, appointments, schedules, letters, emails, shopping lists, filing….

“Neither do they spin……….

     …I’m spinning with swirling thoughts lest I forget something, drop the ball amongst the piles of laundry, cleaning, mending, planning, cooking………

“Yet Solomon in all his glory….

…..books to read, so much I want to DO for You….

“Was not arrayed as beautiful as these. Could you not linger with Me a bit?”

  …..well, I guess I have a few minutes. Ok, Lord, I’m “considering.” Speak to me, Lord.

“These lilies are dependent upon Me for everything. Everything! They lift their faces yielding to receive the warm caress in My sunshine and sip refreshing rainwater from My hand.  They rest, content in who they are designed to be, pleasing Me by being what they were created to be, blooming where planted, not striving after wind or other brighter paths. They blossom whether in public arena or desolate prairie, unseen by human eyes yet appraised by My loving gaze. Seeking My face, delighting in My smile, fragrantly responding to My touch.

There is so much you miss in all your busyness. You miss Me until you consider carefully. Consider the heavens and the works of My hands. Consider the love that bound My Son to the cross. Consider the life everlasting that has already begun and will continue in My presence – where there is fullness, not of work, but of JOY!!

Consider Me first in your day, the firstfruit of your time – and your heart, soul, mind and strength. Consider My mission for you as you go about what you are called to do – and do it in My strength. Consider My ways as you bless others in My Name – and do it with My blessing.

For I consider you – My thoughts are more than you could ever imagine. I consider you in how I have designed you, knowing your strengths, weaknesses, needs and dreams. I consider My love for you – deeper, higher, greater in length and breadth than you could possibly see. I consider you in all the ways I provide for you.

Will you consider Me?

Yes, Lord. Teach me daily to consider and number my days fulfilling Your plans and purposes. Resting in Your love. Considering all that You are, how could I do anything less? How could I do anything more important than that? I want my eyes to be opened to considering, examining and learning more. Thank You for the example of the lilies. May my life be as fragrant to You.



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