A prayer for our nation

Lord, as we draw close to the National Day of Prayer next week, we pray as a lifestyle throughout our days that in Your mercy and according to Your great purpose, You would –

Baptize Your Church, ministries and mission agencies with Your grace and boldness to be people of honor, to stand for truth, to see others through Your eyes

Resuscitate the medical field with new breath, compassion and understanding, open their eyes to recognize and respond in awe at Your design of the body

Sanctify the educational field from pre-k to post doctorate with not just academia, but with true knowledge from above

Saturate science with appreciation of the intricate codes of Life, imparting to minds Your divine perspective and wisdom and pour forth the desire to grasp Your reality in individual ways

Infiltrate the military with Your protection and strategy, relying upon You for courage and stamina

Redeem the service organizations and first responders with Your strength, being aware of Your presence in all situations

Fill all counseling, therapy and philosophy rooms and agencies with Biblical precepts of Godly wisdom and compassion

Permeate the arts, drama/acting (Hollywood/Broadway/TV), and all music with True creativity, graciousness and wholesomeness

Invigorate the field of sports with fairness, ability, respect and sportsmanship as examples to others

Generate business based on Kingdom principles and a spirit of generosity, opposing all greed and unhealthy competition

Revitalize all caregivers and families, guiding them in selfless devotion from Your example to serve, filling them with Your strength

Renew Your law and order in politics, Your discernment and wisdom in every judicial area, and infuse all sections of the media with Truth

May all generations, from the youngest to the oldest, across all cultural or ethnic borders, know the beauty of Your love, the splendor of Your majesty, the intimacy of a relationship with You. May none go untouched or unnoticed.

Bridge these various segments of the gift of our community and society, fit together like segments that make up a complete orange. May we appreciate the differences in one another, respecting one another’s perspectives and truly seek to be one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.


And may all peoples of the earth, Your creation made in Your image, experience the hope, peace and unity that comes from hearts seeking and worshiping You, our loving Creator, and respond in ways that are loving toward one another as our neighbors.

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